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This document is an English translation of an original document in Japanese. If there is any discrepancy between this translation and the original document, the latter shall prevail legally.



Each user of Services (defined below) provided by Wantedly, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Wantedly”) shall use the Services based on its acceptance of this agreement.

Article 1 (About this Agreement)

  1. This Wantedly user agreement (“this Agreement”) shall be applied to any and all relationships between Wantedly and respective parties using Services (hereinafter referred to as “Users”).
  2. This Agreement provides terms and conditions for use of Services. By using Services, Each User agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
  3. Each User shall use Services based on, in addition to this Agreement, various Rules Wantedly has established and the User consents (inclusive of “Help” and “Contributions”; hereinafter collectively referred to as “Individual Rules”). If there is any discrepancy between this Agreement and Individual Rules, the latter shall prevail.
  4. Wantedly may, at any time, at its discretion, modify any provisions of this Agreement and Individual Rules (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Agreement”) without prior notice to Users. If Agreement are modified, such modification shall come into effect from the time when it is posted on the Website and/or Application, except as otherwise designated by Wantedly. User agrees that User will be deemed to accept new Agreement by using Services after modification of Agreement.

Article 2 (Definitions)

Capitalized terms used herein shall have the following meanings:

  1. “Website” means an Internet website “Wantedly” operated by Wantedly (;
  2. “Application” means the web application and related software operated by Wantedly;
  3. “Services” means 1) the SNS Service operated on Website and/or Application provided to Members, 2) the Company Information Providing Service provided to Members who request it, 3) the Recruiting Support Service provided to Members and Company Members, and other related services;
  4. “Members” means an individual person registered as a member for Services on the Website;
  5. “Company Members” means an individual person registered as an employee of Company;
  6. “Company” means each of companies, organizations, etc. which post information concerning Plans for Members on the Website and/or Application;
  7. “Plans for Members” means any plans for Members having the possibility leading to future employment by a Company such as a lunch meeting, office tour, seminar, study meeting or Company information session;
  8. “SNS Service” means the service operated on Website and/or Application, which enables Members to interact and search other Members;
  9. “Company Information Providing Service” means the service operated on Website and/or Application that enables to access to the Plans for Members, apply for the job posting, etc;
  10. “Recruiting Support Service” means the service operated on Website and/or Application that enables Company Members to manage, spread, etc. the Plans for Members;
  11. “Contents” means any and all information including but not limited to data, documents, software, images, letters and sounds;
  12. “Registered Information” means any and all information Members has provided at the time of registration and usage of Services such as name, address, e-mail address, password, ID, profile picture, work history, educational record, occupation, age, gender, etc.;
  13. “Facebook” means a social networking service operated by Facebook, Inc. (

Article 3 (Handling of Personal Information)

  1. Wantedly shall handle personal information appropriately in accordance with its Privacy Policies.
  2. Each Member shall be solely responsible for publication of Contents transmitted as Registered Information, etc. If a Member desires any such personal information not to be published, the Member should designate it as “non-published information”, limit the scope of publication, keep from inputting or otherwise sufficiently be careful.
  3. If Wantedly provides Services in collaboration with Facebook, each Member shall use Services in advance agreeing that Wantedly may cause other Users, Members and Companies to browse, etc. on the Website the Member’s information Wantedly obtains from Facebook (which may include the Member’s or his or her friends’ profiles, images, work histories, educational backgrounds, occupations, etc. depending on whether classified as pubic or non-public in Facebook). Members who do not wish to disclose personal information may change public visibility of the information by configuring the privacy settings.

Article 4 (Browse and Use of Usage History, etc.)

  1. Wantedly may prepare Members’ usage histories of Services (including but not limited to page-viewing, application for Plans for Members, acceptance of invitation to and participation in Plans for Members and sending and receipt of e-mail), and statistical data, attribute information, etc. by processing, totalizing or analyzing such usage histories, Registered Information, etc., in such manners as no specific persons can be identified, and peruse and use such usage histories, statistical data, attribute information, etc. (including but not limited to allowing Companies to browse, development of new functions of Services and survey of markets), which Members shall in advance approve.
  2. Wantedly may confirm facts of employments, job-changes, etc. related to use of Services by means of questionnaires to Companies and Members, etc., in which Members shall cooperate.

Article 5 (Conditions for Use of Services)

  1. Each person desiring to use Services shall, on its decision and responsibility, consent to Agreement and apply for Member registration in a method determined by Wantedly.
  2. Each person desiring to be registered as a Member shall transmit the application and information for registration in a form designated by Wantedly from the registration information transmission page of the Website through Internet and become a Member when they are successfully received by Wantedly; provided, however, that Wantedly may refuse to accept such a person as Member if he or she has ever been deprived of the status of Member or otherwise is judged unsuitable as Member by Wantedly.
  3. A person desiring to become a Member or an existing Member shall input true and latest information as his or her Registered Information."
  4. Each Member shall, at its discretion and on its responsibility, alter, change, classify as public or non-public, add to or otherwise manage his or her Registered Information.
  5. Wantedly may, at any time, alter, change, add to, stop or terminate Services (in this Paragraph referred to as “Change”) for whatever reason. Wantedly shall not be liable for any damage caused due to Change in any respect.
  6. “Act on Specified Commercial Transactions” applies for Companies that have purchased paid service from Wantedly.

Article 6 (Deregistration, Stop of Use of Services)

  1. If Wantedly judges a Member falls under any of the following items, it may cancel his or her registration as Member without need to give a prior notice:
    • (1) The Member’s Registered Information include any improper Contents;
    • (2) The Member unjustly uses his or her ID or password;
    • (3) The Member commits a violation of Agreement;
    • (4) The Member does not log in at all during one (1) year after his or her registration as Member; or
    • (5) Otherwise there occurs any event with the Member which Wantedly judges inappropriate.
  2. If a Member sustains damage due to the deregistration provided for in the preceding Paragraph, Wantedly shall not be liable to the Member for such damage in any respect.

Article 7 (Registered E-mail Address, Password)

  1. Each Member shall register an e-mail address under his or her control as registered e-mail address with the Website and, if the Member loses control over such a registered e-mail address, he or she shall replace it with another e-mail address under his or her control.
  2. Each Member shall be fully responsible for management and prevention from unjust use of his or her registered e-mail address and password.
  3. Any Member shall not assign to a third party or cause a third party to use his or her e-mail address or password set at the time of registration as Member.
  4. Wantedly shall not be liable to any Member for damage, etc. sustained by the Member due to use of his or her registered e-mail address or password by a third party.

Article 8 (Withdrawal)

If a Member submits a notice of withdrawal in the manner indicated by Wantedly and Wantedly receives the notice, the withdrawal shall be regarded as approved by Wantedly at the time of the receipt. In such a case, Wantedly shall not be obliged to keep the withdrawn Member’s Registered Information or Contents. 

Article 9 (Establishment and Maintenance of Usage Environment)

  1. Each User shall, at its expenses and responsibility, prepare necessary machines, software, telecommunication devices, etc. and appropriately connect and operate them.
  2. Each User shall, in conformance to the usage environment, take security measures for prevention of infection with computer virus, prevention of unjust access, information leakage, etc.
  3. Wantedly shall not be involved in nor be responsible for each User’s usage environment.

Article 10 (Copyrights on Contents)

  1. Copyrights and other rights on Contents that Members submit to or posted on the Website and/or Application shall belong to Wantedly, authors or other parties who creates Contents. No User may, without permission by holders of copyrights, etc., reproduces, makes available by screen presentation, transmit to the public, distribute, transfer, rent, translate, adapt, secondarily use, etc. any Contents.
  2. Wantedly shall be entitled to worldwide, non-exclusively and free of charge use (including but not limited to secondary use and allowing third parties designated by Wantedly to use) Contents published on the Website and/or Application by Members (as far as not exceeding the extents of publication allowed by Members) within the scope necessary for advertisement and promotion of the Website and smooth provision, improvement, maintenance, etc. of Services. In any case of such use by Wantedly, a relevant Member shall not exercise his or her moral right to Wantedly or a party designated by Wantedly.

Article 11 (Prohibited Conducts of Users)

No User may perform any of the following conducts, conducts to further the following ones or conducts threatening to fall under the following ones:

  • (1) Conducts violating Agreement;
  • (2) Conducts violating applicable laws or regulation or public order and morals;
  • (3) Conducts to imply, induce, further, recommend, etc. any illegal acts, crimes or anti-social acts;
  • (4) Conducts infringing on Wantedly’s, Companies’, Members’ or third parties’ copyrights, trademark rights or other intellectual property rights;
  • (5) Conducts infringing on Wantedly’s, Companies’, Members’ or third parties’ property, reputation, honor or privacy;
  • (6) The registration of incorrect information;
  • (7) Conducts to harass third parties such as stalking;
  • (8) Conducts to post or transmit information concerning association between man and woman;
  • (9) Political or religious activities (unless approved by Wantedly);
  • (10) Conducts to post or send the following contents:
  • (a) False or misleading expression;
  • (b) Expression that transfigure, induce, encourage conducts such as suicide, self-harm and drug abuse;
  • (c) Expression regarding the race, sex, age, etc. that leads to discrimination;
  • (d) Images, videos, illustrations etc. of breast, buttocks, genital parts and other indecent expression;
  • (e) Violent, grotesque and other image, expressions that users might feel unpleasant;
  • (f) Conducts to induce Third parties to adult site, one-click phishing site, computer programs such as virus and other website Wantedly judged inappropriate;
  • (g) Conducts to induce third parties with chain mail, MLM, paid to read e-mail and other method;
  • (11) Spamming activities defined below:
  • (a) Spam post, spam mail: One or multiple users sending similar posts or messages;
  • (b) Spam word: One or multiple users sending an array of words in a place with no relation;
  • (c) Spam URL: One or multiple users sending or posting the same URL;
  • (12) Conducts to impersonate another person;
  • (13) Conducts to unreasonably refuse invitations for participation in Plans for Members the User applied for, to provide false or incorrect information concerning Members or to cause annoyance or trouble to Wantedly, Members, Companies or third parties;
  • (14) Conducts to apply for Plans for Members at any sites other than Website;
  • (15) Conducts to, when receiving an invitation to a Plans for Members by a Company, print out or disclose to a third party a screen involving the invitation without the Company’s permission;
  • (16) Conducts to use Service for purpose of gaining profit (unless approved by Wantedly);
  • (17) Conducts to put a load on Wantedly’s or other party’s server or cause impediment to operation or network system of Services;
  • (18) Conducts to post or send hazardous computer programs such as computer virus;
  • (19) Any other conducts Wantedly judges inappropriate;

Article 12 (Response of Violation, etc.)

  1. If a User is found to have violated Agreement. or otherwise Wantedly considers necessary with a User, Wantedly may, but is not obliged to, take any of the following measures against the User:
    • (1) To require the User to stop the violation and not repeat any identical or similar act;
    • (2) To delete the contents or use other methods to correct the violation;
    • (3) To disclose the violation inside or outside the Services (including but not limited to notifying the police or other public agency of a crime or the like);
    • (4) To suspend provision of Services to the User;
    • (5) To disqualify the User for the Services;
  2. If the User sustains disadvantage or damage due to Wantedly’s disposition provided for in the preceding Paragraph, Wantedly shall not be liable for such disadvantage or damage.

Article 13 (Disclaimer of Company)

  1. Each Member in advance agrees that all or part of the Services may become unavailable to the Member due to change in contents or operation of Facebook or the Member becoming unable to use all or part of the Facebook services. Wantedly shall not be liable to any Member for damage sustained by the Member in connection with Facebook.
  2. Wantedly shall not be liable for loss damage or expenses incurred due to an act of God or any cause attributable to the User or a third party (including but not limited to (i) server breakdown, system impediment, data leakage/destruction or posting of erroneous information as caused by a virus or hacking, (ii) data leakage/destruction or loss of opportunity for employment or job-change due to the User’s mistake in operation, etc.; (iii) change in Wantedly’s system environment or defect in the system for Services).
  3. Wantedly does not guarantee the trueness, latest, certainty, etc. of information concerning Companies provided by Companies or Members.
  4. Each Member shall save, manage and backup the post, message and other contents, on their own responsibility. Wantedly shall not be liable for any loss or modification of Member’s post, message or any other content.
  5. Application is provided in as-is condition, and without any warranty, whether expressed or implied, as to its accuracy or its completeness. If a defect is identified on Application, Wantedly will strive to correct it however, Wantedly shall not be liable for any loss, damage or expenses incurred due to the defect.
  6. Each Member shall use Services agreeing in advance that Wantedly does not guarantee any effects of Services including but not limited to that it will become possible for the Member to participate in Plans for Members or that the Member will be employed by a Company.
  7. Wantedly shall not be liable for any trouble concerning implementation of a Plans for Members or other that may occur between a Company and a Member or between Members. If a trouble occurs between Members or a Company and a Member and Wantedly is compelled to deal with the trouble by itself, the Member shall compensate Wantedly for all damage, loss and expenses (including but not limited to reasonable attorney fees) incurred by Wantedly in relation thereto.
  8. Each User agrees that Wantedly will not be liable to compensate the User for any loss, damage or expenses (including but not limited to mental pain, interruption of job-seeking activities and monetary damage) arising out of or in relation to (i) use of Services or impossibility to use Services, (ii) unjust access to or unjust alteration of information, (iii) another User’s conduct during provision of Services, (iv) a third party’s identity fraud or (v) other matter related to Services.
  9. Even in a case where Wantedly is liable to compensate a User for damage, Wantedly’s liability shall not exceed the amount of damage directly and actually sustained by the User, not liable for loss, damage or expenses incurred due to any special condition or circumstances (inclusive of the case where incurrence of such loss, damage or expenses is foreseen or can be foreseen), except if Wantedly has willfully or by gross negligence caused the damage.

Article 14 (Provisional Suspension of Services Due to Maintenance Work, etc,)

  1. In any of the following events, Wantedly may temporarily stop operation of Services without prior notice to or approval by Users, which Users in advance approve:
    • (1) Wantedly performs maintenance of a server for Services, modifies or changes specifications of Services, fix a defect in the system for Services, etc.;
    • (2) Operation of Services becomes difficult or impossible because an act of God or other emergency event has occurred or threatens to occur or a relevant law, regulations or the like has been revised or newly established; or
    • (3) Otherwise, Wantedly judges that it is necessary to temporarily stop operation of Services, due to any compelling reason.
  2. Wantedly shall not be liable for the delay in communication among members, applying for job posts, inviting requests for events, and sending and/or receiving information of uses, that resulted from the temporally stop in operation of service.

Article 15 (Assignment of Rights and Obligations)

  1. Any Member may not assign, lease or create a security right on any right or obligation it holds or owes based on Agreement without Wantedly’s prior written approval.
  2. When Wantedly causes its business involving Services to be succeeded to by a third party based on business assignment or other reason, it may transfer its statuses under Agreement, its rights and obligations based thereon and Registered Information and other information of Members to such a third party, which Members hereby approve.

Article 16 (Confidentiality)

The User shall keep any information that is not publicly known and that Wantedly requested the User to keep in confidence in relation to the Service except when Wantedly has given prior written approval.

Article 17 (Severability)

  • Even if any provisions of Agreement are adjudged invalid under applicable laws and regulation, the remaining provisions shall remain in force and effect.
  • Even if any provisions of Agreement are adjudged invalid or cancelled in relation to some Users, Agreement shall remain in force and effect in terms of the other Users.

  • Article 18 (Governing Laws and Jurisdiction)

  • This Agreement shall be governmened by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan. Any and all lawsuits, which may occur in relation to Services with Users, shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction as the first instance of the Tokyo District Court.

  • (Supplementary Provisions)

    Created on July 31, 2011 and applied from July 31, 2011
    Amended on December 12, 2011 and applied from December 12, 2011
    Amended on March 1, 2012 and applied from March 1, 2012
    Amended on August 1, 2012 and applied from August 1, 2012
    Amended on January 28, 2013 and applied from January 28, 2013
    Amended on March 28, 2013 and applied from March 28, 2013
    Amended on May 2, 2014 and applied from May 2, 2014
    Amended on July 22, 2015 and applied from July 22, 2015
    Amended on July 19, 2016 and applied from July 19, 2016

    Terms of Use of Wantedly People

    Company may send a third party an email of invitation to Wantedly People if an User want to send this third party an email of invitation with using a function of giving information about Wantedly People. A User must agree to this condition as well as any other terms and conditions written on Wantedly User Agreement in terms of using Wantedly People.

    Created on and applied from November 11, 2016.
    Revised on and applied from November 21, 2016.

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