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Content Quality Guideline

We believe that talents and companies should match based on shared vision, passion, and values; rather than simple salary and benefits.

To showcase your company’s passion to talents through your job postings, here are the guidelines to follow. We’ve also included some tips and best practices to help make your next superstar hire!

If your job postings fail to adhere to these guidelines, our quality assurance team will contact you.

1. Cover photo

Visuals play an important role in capturing users' attention. Use engaging photos for your job postings to showcase your company’s culture!

Awesome cover photo

Note that any text or logos should appear in the 'Safe Area' as indicated below. Text and logos should only take up at most 30% of the Cover Photo. You can download this guide for the safe area and image size (PSD / PNG / PDF) from here and utilize it when designing your image.

Cover photo guideline


  • Capture your team members in their daily interactions
  • Showcase your office space - after all, that’s where your team spends most of your week
  • Feature your team at events, team bonding activities, etc.
  • Show your product or service
  • The resolution of the photo is at least 1980 x 1320px
  • The recommended aspect ratio is 3:2


  • Text or company logo takes up more than 30% of the cover photo
  • Text or company logo exceeds the 'safe area'
  • Images with inappropriate content
  • The resolution of the photo falls below 1980 x 1320px
  • Have more than 30% text in the cover photo

2. Title

Be creative when it comes to your job posting’s title. You can even think of it as a title of a blog. By thinking out-of-the-box for your title, you can share more about your company’s culture and vision, which will help attract more ralevant talent!


  • Include the role AND a fun fact (it can be related to your company’s mission, certain qualities you’re looking for in the candidates, etc.). For example:
    ⋅⋅⋅ We’re looking for Accountants with a go-getting attitude! Are you the one?
    ⋅⋅⋅ Be part of our Y Combinator-backed team as our next Customer Success Star!


  • The title contains only the name of the position. For example:
    ⋅⋅⋅ Software Engineer
    ⋅⋅⋅ Business development wanted

3. Content

Typical job postings include a list of requirements. NOT ON WANTEDLY! Try to share beyond the requirements and the job scope that you would typically list. It’s all about attracting the right candidates, who not only will fill the role but also will fit in with your company’s culture.


  • Fill out the ‘What, Why, and How’ sections on your company page - it’s important for the candidate to understand what your company stands for; beyond your product or service
    ⋅⋅⋅ The ‘What’ should describe the product or service your company provides
    ⋅⋅⋅ The ‘Why’ should describe the mission that drives your team to do what they do everyday
    ⋅⋅⋅ The ‘How’ should describe the steps you’re currently taking to achieve the ultimate vision of your company
    ⋅⋅⋅ You just have to fill these sections once - they will automatically update for all job postings that you publish!
  • Add a photo and fill out the introduction on your Admin profile. Every job posting features ‘Company Members’ and having more complete Company Member profiles leads to a higher engagement of more ralevant talent for your company
  • Focus on the impact that the role will have to your company’s mission
  • Showcase how the future candidate will work together with the other members of your company


  • Include details like salary/wage and benefits (we want you to find talents, who are aligned with your mission and values and not simply motivated by salary and benefits)
  • Add images or any content containing violence, nudity, partial nudity, discrimination, unlawfulness, infringement, pornography or sexual suggestiveness
  • Include third-party email addresses, phone numbers, and links

Please note: There may be exceptions to this guideline in case of conflicts with local law and policies.


Our Quality Assurance Team can provide assistance to optimise your company page and job postings.

For any questions or assistance, please contact our team at

Please note that there may be special cases, where a job posting may meet this guideline, however, our Quality Assurance Team may deem it not up to our community’s standards. This guideline is subject to change without notice.

This guideline is created based on WANTEDLY TERMS OF SERVICE (FOR COMPANY).

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